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Family Office with main residence in Malibu, California is seeking an experienced, professional, organized and detail oriented full-time estate manager to manage a 10,000 square foot residence along with eight other residences (Two homes in Florida, two homes in Michigan, one home in Colorado and three condos in Tennessee). Typical schedule is on Monday – Friday with flexibility to work evenings and weekends when family has events, residences need to be prepared for family’s arrival and meetings are scheduled with principal(s). Extreme flexibility with scheduling is required for the position. Estate Manager is responsible for overseeing the general operation of nine residences, hiring and managing domestic staff in an environment where everyone is given clear expectations and loves coming to work daily, collaborative to work directly with domestic employees and family office on a daily basis, assertive, proactive, resourceful, self starter, organized, service focused, kind, professional, respectful and capable of maintaining discretion (confidentiality agreement is required). Candidates must be comfortable with a small dog. Family is open to local candidates and domestic relocations (as long as candidate has connection to Malibu and/or Los Angeles and will stay in location long term). Start date is flexible for the right candidate. 


• Daily walk through of residence to ensure that all systems are functioning properly (walk through of all residences when on-site routinely)

• Managing nine estates that are domestically in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan and Tennessee

• Maintain comprehensive household manuals setting priorities for tasks on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis

• Maintain file systems including those for household operations, warranty manuals, household equipment, invitations, entertainment logs, etc. 

• Maintain contacts lists that include family members, vendors, contractors, etc.

• Hiring and managing domestic employees for residences and supervising the quality of their performance (scheduling review/evaluation annually with each employee) 

• Coordinate staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage at all times based on principals’ needs

• Assist domestic staff with projects when necessary (creating a collaborative/team environment)

• Maintain security systems at all residences and check/test on a regular basis

• Maintain vehicles, take for service appointments and keep accurate records of services completed

• Provide hospitality and attend to guests and family’s needs when visiting 

• Managing household schedules and calendars

• Event planning, organizing, coordination and flawless execution day of event

• Scheduling home maintenance and repair work along with supervising projects

• Handling household bills and administrative duties (Executive Assistant and CFO at family office will assist with these responsibilities)

• Manage household petty cash, proper documentation and submission of house credit card purchases/receipts

• Running errands and performing necessary tasks (e.g., shopping for home supplies, food if necessary and other requested items)

• House projects and handling things around the residences (e.g., receiving deliveries, organizational projects, answering phone calls, sending emails, etc.)

• Schedule meetings with family office and principal(s) as needed to discuss family’s schedule, travel plans, upcoming events, special projects and punch/task lists 


• Ability to travel domestically whenever necessary

• Highly organized, detail oriented, proactive, excellent time management, efficient and service focused

• Attentive to principals’ preferences and style (intuitive to their needs)

• Ability to maintain discretion (confidentiality agreement is required)

• Ability to be discreet with respect for employer’s privacy

• Professional presentation of self and great personality 

• Strong organizational ability to present projects, budgets, lists, bids, etc. to family office and principals through use of technology

• Ability to develop and maintain solid working relationships with service providers, contractors and vendors

• Ability to work collaboratively with professionals and oversee construction and interior design projects 

• Ability to easily take direction 

• Strong ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively with principals, family office and domestic employees

• Strong technology skills and experience working with Macintosh and PC 

• Positive attitude and ability to handle residences and staff with ease and calm demeanor

• Non-Smoker 


• Bachelor’s degree 

• 5-10+ years of consistent and recent domestic experience as a full-time estate manager overseeing multiple residences 

• 3-4 references from domestic positions

• Seeking longevity/long term commitment (e.g., at least 5-10+ years)

• Live a close proximity to family’s main residence in Malibu, California

• Ability to complete extensive background checks, motor vehicle checks (clean driving record), drug tests and psychological evaluations 

• Safe vehicle for transportation 

• Comfortable with small dog 


• $125-150K+ gross annual salary (based on experience and qualifications) 

• Health insurance coverage (including dental)

• 401K Plan

• Paid vacation days and holidays 

• Discretionary annual bonus and raise (performance evaluation required)

• Laptop and phone are provided 


Please read the job description carefully and kindly apply with your cover letter, resume, references (email address and phone number), letter(s) of recommendation and professional photo if you feel that you meet all of the requirements.

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  • Allowed file types are: pdf, doc, docx, pages. Max file size is 10MB.
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  • Allowed file types are: pdf, doc, docx, pages. Max file size is 10MB.
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