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Family with main residence in Presidio Heights of San Francisco with 2 year old boy and 10 month old girl is seeking an educated, experienced, engaging, professional and organized full-time rotational nanny. Schedule will be spilt between four full-time nannies to ensure the family has seven day per week coverage for each child. Schedule on days working will be a combination of 6:00 – 9:00am to 6:00 – 9:00pm or later. When working at main residence in San Francisco, nannies should expect to work on three to five days per week (including weekdays and weekends). This schedule will ensure that each nanny works half the time (approximately 26.5 weeks per year), receives approximately two weekends off per month and travel is split annually. Nannies will receive monthly schedule at least one month in advance. Nannies should be comfortable working many days consecutively (e.g., if traveling for one or two weeks at a time, only two nannies will travel with family and the other two nannies are off work). The position requires extreme flexibility as family’s schedule changes at various times in the year (e.g., summer, travel, etc.). Approximately 15-20+ weeks of international and domestic travel per year is required and approximately 6-8+ weeks of overnights at residence when principals are traveling without children. Applicants need to be honest, trustworthy, understand the importance of maintaining discretion, collaborative and experienced working with domestic staff (e.g., private chef, personal assistant, housekeeper, nannies, etc.), experienced working with principals that are at residence often (discreet and staying out of the way is important). Candidates must be comfortable with dog. Staff vehicle is provided for transporting children. These are newly created positions. Family is open to local candidates in Bay Area and domestic relocations. Start date is flexible for the right candidate.


  • Experienced working with similar aged children (newborn, toddler, preschool, school aged, etc.)


  • Nanny experience working with at least two children close in age


  • Infant experience and knowledgeable about routines, sleep training, reading and communicating to baby as often as possible


  • Transport children to and from school, scheduled activities, sports, play dates, outings, etc. (when age appropriate)


  • Prepare fresh and healthy meals for children that introduces them to new foods


  • Pack healthy lunches and prepare school bags for the next day (when age appropriate)


  • Play-based learning and creating educational activities (e.g., planned engaging activities at home, developmentally appropriate games and activities, engaging projects and crafts, themed weeks, scheduled outings, etc.)


  • Assist children with homework and school projects (when age appropriate)


  • Support teaching and reinforcement of manners and other social skills


  • Provide developmentally appropriate games and activities, engaging projects and crafts at home and schedule/plan fun outings and events


  • Domestic duties relating to children (e.g., washing dishes after meals, tidying playroom and bedrooms, packing and unpacking children for trips/travel, etc.)


  • Organizational projects relating to children (e.g., taking toys and clothing to donation, rotating clothes seasonally, rotating books and toys quarterly or bi-annually, etc.)


  • Packing children for trips, researching/planning activities at destination and ensuring appropriate gear is available other residences, hotel or resort


  • Diligent team player and willing to work collaboratively with other domestic staff, family office and principals


  • Experienced and willing to be an extension of the parents collaborating and communicating frequently (previous experience working with principals that are around residence is ideal)


  • Capable of building rapport with similar aged children (infants, toddlers, school aged, etc.)


  • Knowledgeable about child development (e.g., firm when necessary and capable of teaching children manners and etiquette, but also capable of being laid back and fun) 


  • Ability to travel internationally and domestically whenever necessary


  • Highly organized, detail oriented, proactive, excellent time management, efficient and service focused


  • Attentive to principals’ preferences and style (intuitive to their needs)


  • Observant to the needs of family to anticipate their needs (e.g., finding and registering children for activities that are age appropriate, planning engaging activities at home, etc.)


  • Ability to maintain discretion (confidentiality agreement is required)


  • Ability to be discreet with respect for employer’s privacy


  • Professional presentation of self and great personality 


  • Ability to easily take direction 


  • Strong ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively with family office, domestic staff and principals (extension of parents and consistent childcare philosophies)


  • Positive attitude, energetic, easy going, open minded, personable, patient, flexible, engaging, hard working and collaborative individual (receptive to feedback and constructive criticism) 


  • Active and fit


  • Non-Smoker


  • Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education or Early Childhood Development is most ideal, but bachelor’s degree is required 


  • Experienced working with at least two children in nanny position


  • Passionate about education, child development, etc.


  • 2-5+ years of full-time consistent and recent nanny experience


  • 3-4 references from domestic positions


  • Seeking longevity (e.g., 2-5+ year commitment)


  • Live a close proximity to the family’s main residence in Presidio Heights of San Francisco or willingness to relocate to the area 


  • Ability to swim and snow ski (beginner level only required for skiing)


  • United States passport


  • Ability to complete extensive background checks, motor vehicle checks, drug tests and psychological evaluation


  • Driver’s license and clean driving record


  • CPR Certification (Pediatric)


  • Vaccinations (e.g., TDap, MMR, Flu shot)


  • COVID-19 testing and antibodies testing



  • Comfortable with dog


  • $100K+ gross annual salary


  • Health insurance policy


  • PTO days


  • Discretionary annual bonus and raise



Please read the job description carefully and kindly apply with your cover letter, resume, references (email address and phone number), letter(s) of recommendation and professional photo if you meet all of the requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Allowed file types are: pdf, doc, docx, pages. Max file size is 10MB.
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  • Allowed file types are: pdf, doc, docx, pages. Max file size is 10MB.
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